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Wikipedia and Domains Recent challenges to Domaining in Wikipedia have forced domainers to rethink their approach to the world of information and collaborative data. We have been contributors on behalf of our industry and strive to move more issues forward through this and other reference channels. Check out some of our recent additions and discussions on Wikipedia on the contributions page.
GoDaddy Daily Domain Auctions Pre-Drop List   We post our GoDaddy picks of the day on our daily post. Check out the list of names we are watching at GoDaddy Auctions. We'll show you elite domains getting sold that day, incredible deals in the coming week, and ways to save on great names without spending a fortune.
Namejet Daily PreRelease Domain Names Well post new prospecitve names to choose from in our Namejet Daily PreRelease Watchlist. With its Network Solutions and Enom partnerships, NameJet holds some of the oldest domains for auction to a large prerelease drop list of name watchers and buyers.

Namemon - Domain Market Monitoring Blog for sale, 2.5 million has purchased “” for $2.45 million. This is 2012's largest purchase and highest so far. sold for 2.5 million

According to whois records, the name was transferred away from ICOM Inc on Dec 15th, but no announcement was made until today. Current whois shows Fusion Media Ltd

The new company is launching a financial portal to offer free resources for investors (hence the domain) to get realtime quotes, news, tools, analysis and a wealth of resources and services.

The company wants to turn into a streaming, realtime data and financial analytics platform.



Mister Wong cancels free eggroll

News - Search Engines

Mister Wong, a popular bookmarking engine, sent out an email to users this morning notifying them of its intention to convert to a pay model for commercial bookmarks. Mister Wong bookmarking

With a Pagerank of 8, Mister-wong asserts that it has been under heavy fire from bots and spammers and cannot continue cleanup efforts without some form of compensation. To effect this change, users who are non-commercial can apply to have their account reviewed and approved as a free account, but with new non-commercial terms. All others need to upgrade to commercial packages which start at $2 per month for 10 saved bookmarks. At the top end, commercial accounts can save 10,000 bookmarks for $72, or nearly $ 0.01 per bookmark.

The notice to users, listed at and clearifying for commercial users at is the first publicly posted commercial upgrade service for a bookmarking engine. With its page authority intact, mister-wong looks to come out ahead as exploiting holes in getting link juice is becoming a full-time, and well-paying job for many black hat search engine masters.

Is this the way of the future on the internet - will all things SEO in fact become paid subscriptions for commercial accounts? Frankly such a change is long overdue. So what if with two you no longer get a free eggroll. Abusive webmasters have been gaming the system too long to be useful.


iWhois changes ownership

News - Latest

Although the news isn't official, it appears that iWhois, a highly favored whois query service for domainers, has changed ownership.

Andrew Moulden, the prior owner has stated that the new site administrator will continue to develop new features into the product, while maintaining a strict "no frontrunning" policy, safeguarding queries.

So if you experience any outages or errors using the service, keep in mind it is likely to be improving over the new few weeks as changes are made to its fundamental behavior.

Some of the features we were able to take advantage of right away include a toolbar with all the typical domainer needs related to a whois query - such as Alexa rank, links, Google site query, pagerank and Estibot.

Even the secure,encrypted SSL search is working again, providing a unique cloaking experience even when browsing via someone else's unsecured wireless network.

We look forward to the new features and hope to be using them all very soon! We've also recently learned that none other than Richard Lau, formerly of MyDomains and nameDirect has taken over this tiny but unforgettable domainer resource.

iwhois new features acquired by Facebook

News - Latest


Facebook revealed on November 15th 2010 that it had acquired the acquisition was between the company and the American Farm Bureau Federation. The goal was to use as the domain for internal email in the corporate offices for exchanging with cleints.

Today comes news that the acquisition cost for was a whooping 8.5 million US dollars, landing the sale on the top of this year's charts. The sale relocated the 6 Million member Farm Bureau over to permanently.

“At their annual meeting in Atlanta, Farm Bureau officials on Tuesday said the organization earned $8.5 million by selling a couple of domain names but is barred from identifying the buyer.”



Google Algorithm Gets Divorced and Hairy

News - Search Engines

Recently, Google has reported making changes to its algorithm for search to include "penalties for bad reviews" and "reduced EMD (Exact Match Domains) rank value. However, some oddities have appeared as a result.

A great example is a recent search for Divorce. The top result has been for about a year Wikipedia's page on Divorce, which has thousands of back-links and boasts traffic of 3k visitors daily. Starting Dec 5th, this top search result was replaced by a page much less referenced, D.I.V.O.R.C.E. the song. And not the beautiful one by Dolly Parton or the original by Tammy Wynette, but a farce by Billy Connoly. Total inbound links? I have more toes.

Well maybe it's a dang fluke. After all, these algo-thingies are rough stuff. Okay, so how does the chart below representing the volume between Hair searches make you feel?

Hair, the human follicle, at Wikipedia Hair, the human folly, in your living room
Stats courtesy of grokse

Notice how on December 6th, 2010, the article for Hair, the biomaterial with thousands of backlinks, dropped from 3k hits to 1k hits, and taking its place was Hair the Musical, with only 100 backlinks.

These are only the anomalies which I have encountered in search. I am sure there must be many more. When will we hear from the big SEO companies about this?

While you may find this information inconclusive its timing seems spot on. Something in the algorithm has changed the nature of basic search to a large detriment.



Sex Sells! (well everyone knows that already)

Auctions - Sedo

In a filing in California court, domain auction mediator Sedo has filed for the completion of the sale of to a third party. Sedo had been hired in June after Mike Mann successfully sued and blocked a previous auction scheduled for March of 2010.

The buyer is named as Clover Holdings LLC of Saint Vincent islands in the Caribbean. Estimated sale price is $13 million not including Sedo's fee for the private auction. Several bidders apparently made offers until this final one was accepted and filed on the 18th of October. Original cost to acquire the domain in 2006 is reported as $14 million. It is not known if this number is accurate in terms of cash cost in the original deal.

Not much is known of the buying company and web searches return few results. The signer on the sale documentation going to bankruptcy court is an unknown "E. M. French , Director". You can see the full PDF filing here.

Despite the private sale, court approval is still required due to the bankruptcy action which caused the initial auction in March 2010 to be cancelled. A hearing has been set for Oct. 27 at U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Woodland Hills, California to determine if all debtors approve the sale.


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